A wisp is a small bundle of energy that floats free of The Loom. Scholars theorize that wisps are formed when spirits along The Loom are frayed by death and not fully knitted back into the web of life. They behave like dust motes and are easily manipulated by those trained in Tuning. When they are brought into the material plane, they resemble orbs of light that emanate a soft heat. Occasionally wisps will coalesce in places and independently start entering the material world.

Wisps serve an important function in gnostic wizardry as a fuel source. While anagogic sorcerers manage to draw upon their own personal reserves of magical energy, Gnostic wizards have to rely on external sources. Wisps are readily available and, unlike the Tekne, which harnesses energy released by souls in their death, does not require a living creature to be killed.

Some religions regard the consumption of wisps for magical power as taboo. The Ascendant Church believes that wisps are remnants of souls that still carry a spark of sentience, and to consume it is to eliminate a future life. The traditional religions of the pygmies believe that wisps are part of the cycle of The Loom, and are reabsorbed into it to propagate more life, even if released into the world through Tuning.

Wisps are sometimes stored in containers made from Syanthazoa or similar materials to provide fuel for Gnostic wizardry, and are a crucial component in the construction of many enchanted items. The most common of these is a Witchlight, a simple construct that binds a wisp inside a glass container, creating a safe and portable lightsource.

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