The Wainwright

“Give me that hammer so I can show you were to break me.”
-Last words of Torvald Wagner, during his Circumfixion

The Wainwright, known as Torvald Wagner in life, was a torturer for the Church’s early inquisitions in the colonies of Zapandi.

Torvald hailed originally from Northreach, the son of a wagon-maker, but left home for the colonies of Zapandi to pursue his fortune. There, he first became acquainted with the church by providing security for the missionaries, but quickly gained some notoriety with his particularly brutal treatment of uncooperative natives. His cruelty was at first problematic, until the inquisitors recruited Torvald into their ranks to serve as an interrogator, bringing him with in their explorations of the interior of Zapandi to seek out apostates who abandoned their churchly work to live with the natives. He became known for the practice of Circumfixion to execute those who offended the church.

When a new grand cleric was instated who was more progressive on the subject of mass torture of non-believers, Torvald found himself acting outside of the dictates of the church. He independently pursued “justice” in rural Zapandi, somehow managing to put whole villages to the breaking wheel on his own. His methods are still unknown, as he was not a practitioner of Tuning or a particularly talented warrior. What is known is that eventually a group of inquisitors were sent after the rogue torturer, capturing him in his sleep and circumfixing him. He laughed while on the breaking wheel, and the inquisitors saw him ascend.

Some believe that sects of The Inquisition still bind themselves to The Wainwright, not considering the man to have been an evil anathem but a true pursuant of justice blessed with Ascension by his actions against apostates.

The Wainwright

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