The Vale

The Vale is a Barony in the hinterlands of Trailfar, officially known as Rykelyik. It is an important trade hub in the north due to the river running through it to the sea, though the Vale itself has poor accessibility by land due to the high mountains surrounding it. The barony is home to nearly 9,000 people, primarily human farmers and craftsmen.

The Vale a wide river valley about 5 leagues from the sea. It is located between the sheer escarpment slopes of a pair of chalk formations— where the chalk dome has been eroded, exposing the infertile clay of the more elevated area outside the Vale. The Vale itself is exceptionally fertile due to the silt that the river carries into the region. The barony exports much of its wool and grain downriver to the settlements along the sea. During the present famine, The Vale, and the river trade that runs through it, serves an immensely important function for the wellbeing of Trailfar.

Scrimshore is the largest village and only keep in the area. It is home to about two thousand people, and most of the talented artisans of the barony live and work in Scrimshore. Scrimshore is located on the shore of Scrimlake, named for the ivory carving that many of the locals practice. There is an elf settlement of about a hundred people that tolerated by the residents on the eastern borders of the valley, and, since the Baron of the Vale was critical in the drafting of the emancipation statutes that eventually freed the slavebred, there is a considerable slavebred population in the area. One village, located at the southern edge of the barony, is made up almost entirely of slavebred who fled the south during the latest war. The baron has intentionally been arranging for the intermarriage of slavebred to locals to facilitate a union between the two peoples. He himself took a feral bride.

In addition to the recent history, in the distant past The Hermit was an Ascendant who lived and died in the hills a few miles from Scrimshore. His shrine and his famed glossolalia are housed at the keep in Scrimshore, attracting scholars and clerics to the region. To accommodate these scholars, the barons of The Vale have historically been patrons of academics, and the library of the keep is the most extensive in Trailfar.


The Vale

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