The Trickster

“There is no greatness without madness.”
-from The Fourth Scroll of Wisdom

The Trickster is an anathem famed in his life for sowing purposeful chaos across the entirety of the world, performing such feats as starting and ending wars, embarrassing kings and emperors in public, and toying with the Loom to create baffling, pseudo-prophetic visions in the dreams of scholars. His real name, his place of birth, and where he was educated are all unknown.

Scholars do know that he was an immensely talented anagogic and gnostic wizard, who also mastered Tekne in his time. Many believe that if it were not for the Trickster’s madness, he would have been the greatest practitioner of the tuning arts to have ever lived. Some claim that he was even despite (or because of) his madness.

His main goal, it seemed, was to attack the pride of people.

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The Trickster

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