The Spellsung Wilds

“These wilds do not tolerate any infirmity of knot or flesh. Show your frailty, and it will swallow you and see your bones in its shit.”
-from Lord-Captain Thurin of The Talon at the Falls


The Spellsung Wilds is a vast swathe of land populated almost entirely by magebred plants, animals, liminals, and wildlings. The area is the result of irresponsible use of magebreeding on the part of the Autumn Court, which led to their creations to out-compete natural creatures and take over a large portion of the western continent. The area is dangerous to travel and explore, as many of the creatures within were bred for war by the Autumn Court and are naturally hostile toward people. This is not the mention the wildlings, the escaped or discarded slaves who harbor a deep resentment to the Apsara and other fae, and form roving clans within the Spellsung Wilds. The bodily forms and cultures of these wildlings greatly vary, even within clans, and while most have predatory forms, some are the result of magebreeding to create harem slaves, amphibious ones, nursemaids, or multiarmed scribes. Those breeds that end up in the Spellsung Wilds are generally seen as failed attempts, having instabilities or diseases present within them that made them unsuitable for life in civilization.

Most of the creatures and plants within have mutated from their original state, either through interbreeding with native life or through the instability of the magics used to create them, giving a biodiversity to the region that exceeds even the dense jungles of Pachiomadio. This has made the region of interest to the magebreeders of the Autumn Court who wish to seek more strands to weave into their creatures, and to spagyrists who wish to discover more medicinal plants. The region is also known to have several Nonman sites and abandoned Apsara settlements, though these are generally regarded as out of reach to the common explorer.

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The Spellsung Wilds

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