The Maiden

“To give nothing of us for others is to see ourselves unraveled.”
-from Jin Valtori

The Maiden, who in life was known as Jin Valtori, was a Saefallan medico turned orphanage founder and director. Early in life she went to Wyvar to study the healing arts, and was shocked to find the many homeless and destitute children living their. Many were simply abandoned, while many more were refugees from the internecine wars waged after the High King’s line was broken.

When she returned to her small home village, she discovered, rather than to be allowed to carry out missionary work as she intended, her father had promised her to the local reeve. She disproved of the marriage and refused, and, when pressed, she left her home and returned to the city. There she dedicated her life to collecting funds to care for the city’s lost children, eventually establishing several orphanages and, what he considered her most important achievement, schools for girls and young women. She would care for the sick and injured herself, using her medical training and talent for tuning, but was perhaps most beloved for her ability to tell stories to the children. By the age of twenty-seven, Jin had managed to establish thirteen separate orphanages in Wyvar and the surrounding lands. Her drive to educate common girls of Ackenzal was met with absolute disdain by the gentry, as it violated gender norms. However, her tireless crusade secured a substantial donation of land from The Spires, a parcel still today stands as the site of The Maiden’s Gift, a school for young girls from the lower classes.

When the school was first being built, a mob of angry men convened on the site, intending to burn it down. The First Legion, the former personal army of the High King and predecessor to The Free Legion, formed a protective line against the mob’s assault. Who gave the order is entirely unknown. This act would become one of the first instances of the Free Legion’s role as an independent force. Though they managed to disband the mob before the school was burnt down, the mob abducted and lynched Jin Valtori. Before their eyes, Jin ascended, and became one of the Saints many young girls pray to today.

The Maiden

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