The Librarian

“A home without books is like a body untied from the Loom.”
-from the letters of Mammohan Bhadra

1340-1414 ASF

Mammohan Bhadra was a bookbinder and librarian in the empire of Thassal, though he originally hailed from a nomadic tribe from the northern reaches of The Radiant Empire. He is most famous for being the inventor (or, more likely, reinventor) of the printing press, a builder of public libraries, and a prominent activist against the injustices of the Radiant Empire. He was also an emissary to the nomad tribes for Thassal, eventually brokering a treaty with them so the empire could use their mastery of magebred falcons to communicate across the western continent.

His life’s work, to use information as a weapon against injustice, to make books available to the people, and to build diplomatic relations through lines of communication earned him a place as an Ascendant. He died in his home, and rose from his husband’s arms during the night, a sight famously described by an astronomer-turned-poet sitting on the roof of one of the very libraries Mammohan built.

Now he is most commonly worshiped among the Seekers, and many of The Spires also pay homage to him. The saintly order dedicated to him is usually populated by priests who hold other positions in universities and libraries, and part of their induction into the order involves the reading of a Revelatory Opuscule.

The Librarian

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