The Last King

The Last King, whose name is lost to the Damnatio Memoriae enacted after his crimes, was the king responsible for the The Wombplague, done in retaliation to The Second Starfall, and the High King responsible for the extermination of his own blood line.

After The Last King, under pressure from his ducal subordinates and enraged by the loss of Ganza, which included the loss of all his four brothers, used the Anachitis to unleash the wombplague on Thassal in an attempt to exterminate the people, he collapsed into utter despair and regret. His last act as king was to host a banquet for his entire family, during which, using a combination of poison and his mastery of both the fighting arts and bardic Tuning, he eliminated his bloodline. Though it is known he left a note to explain his actions, it was destroyed by a cleric of the Ascendant Church in what would become the first act of the Last King’s damnatio memoriae.

He retreated from the banquet on a Nonman craft, the Kongensorn, never to be seen again. Most believe that in his grief over the genocide he saw his own people as being unworthy of living. His absence, and the destruction of his bloodline, left a massive power vacuum in Ackenzal, leading to a series of major conflicts between the duchies and the eventual establishment of the Crown-Elect.

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The Last King

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