The Hermit

“There is nothing here but what we make of it.”
-from Commentaries on the Glossolalia

???-1305 ASF

The Hermit is an Ascendant worshiped primarily in Ackenzal. In his life, the Hermit was a nameless native of The Vale who lived alone in the woods, only coming into town to trade the mushrooms and herbs he gathered for paper and vegetables. He rarely spoke, and when he died from food poisoning in the town that barely knew him he would have been completely forgotten, if not for his public bodily ascendance. The dedicants of the Saint’s Church were called to confirm his ascendance, and the first to be braided with his spirit was the man who served him the tainted food.

The dedicants also found in the Hermit’s small home a collection of glossolalia, rambling and massive tomes that many have tried and failed to decipher, though some claim nonsense is precisely the message the Hermit intended.

Followers of the Hermit seek to find peace in isolation from society and claim that to seek greater truths is an absurdity, that the starting point of thought must be the individual and the experiences of the individual. Followers of the Hermit discredit the notion that one must search for truth in morality, the Loom, or science, and instead claim that trying to find an authentic self is what will allow one to come to terms with the external world.

The Hermit

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