The Champion

“lo, with spear in hand, / with a mighty band, / he / knocked down her white gates, / he carried our fates, / and / it rent him apart / to stab his lover’s heart”
-from The Champion and The Lady by Bran Skaldur

33 BSF-1 BSF

Gauis was born a slave on Leovigild, taken from an early age to the sword schools of the Spring Court to become one of their TrodaĆ­or, a type of slave soldier. Gauis fought for the Spring Court against Fae and humans in Ackenzal, Cairnaythiel, and Esgalgrath. His talents on the battlefield earned him a position as a guard of nobility. However, he was often taken as a kamakia by many nobles of the Spring Court, a source of shame for Gauis who was raised to regard touching a Fae as extreme taboo. Some songs even say that the Lady of Blossoms herself took Gauis into her bed.

When the slave rebellion found its way to the shores of Leovigild, Gauis escaped the halls of the Sunsong Keep and joined the human armies. He quickly found himself in a position of leadership, and, when the rebels stormed the Sunsong Keep, it was Gauis who led the vanguard. The Lady of Blossoms defended the Sunsong Keep herself, annihilating Gauis’s forces. Gauis himself survived, and fought the Lady of Blossoms to the center of the keep, where he impaled her on to the Heart Tree. Gaius died from his wounds under the leaves of the tree, and rose as an Ascendant.

Those that worship Gaius now revere him as a patron of warriors and the oppressed. His followers are fervent abolitionists who played an important role in the Feral Risings. He is also the most popular saint among the people of Leovigild, though some believe that Gaius wishes for elves to be exterminated from the island.

Those that braid their souls to Saint Gaius draw on his power to inspire, to strengthen body and bolster spirit, and to dispel glamours.

The Champion

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