The Battle of Rosewood

1647 ASF

The Battle of Rosewood was one of the final battles of the Feral Risings’ southern theater. The battle was over Landsbyvand, a critical port along the Gammelvand, and fought primarily in The Rosewood. The three day battle resulted in over 10,000 casualties on the side of the rebels— ten times that of the combined Ducal and Free Legion forces.

Initially the Ducal forces controlled the town, and the rebels attempted a siege. However, their minimal artillery, and the Ferals’ lack of appropriate training in its use, allowed the Free Legion cavalry to decimate the rebel forces and force them to hide within the Rosewood itself. The Ducal armies then laid their own siege on the Rosewood, burning much of it and engaging the poorly equipped rebels in open combat as often as they could. The Ferals’ reliance on the shock tactic, made famous by the Fanged Heap, of the thane’s charge led to scores of Ferals being cut down by the cannon and musket fire of Ducal militiamen.

The battle was turned during the second night, when Sir Geresh, a hedge knight turned officer organized a raiding party, mostly composed of freed slaves, against the Duke d’Ganza’s camp while the soldiers slept. Sir Geresh himself fell during the battle, but a half-feral by the name of Viro picked up Geresh’s banner and led the rest of the raid himself. It was brutally successful ,and the rebels managed to kill or capture most of the Ducal forces leadership as well as destroy their stock of blackpowder.

Without enough powder to load their artillery and outnumbered, the Ducal forces and Free Legionaries retreated from the critical region the following day after the feral rebels surged out from the Rosewood and into the town.

The Battle of Rosewood

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