“An abomination. It was an abomination. It dragged me under with its tentacles and filled my mouth with its slime. It churned the whole lake up into slime. And when it filled me up, I could feel its push in my head, and I would obey, but behind my eyes all I did was scream.”
-an account of an encounter with the Slaverfish of Malcheim

The slaverfish is a rare aquatic creature that have been found near former Nonman cities and swampy regions around the world, and any time that they have been discovered, people have tried to kill them, for they are one of the few creatures on which the term “evil” has been applied without much argument. The fish has a wholly alien appearance, with three eyes arranged vertically along its jawless skull, four barbed tentacles that can stretch out and grasp something twenty feet from its body, and a series of strange, slime-producing glands along its belly. The creature often reaches sizes of eight feet long, and weighs close to three tonnes.

The slaverfish possesses six strings in its knot, and every known slaverfish has had all of these strings be uniformly nĂ˝thmaeg, making them, ostensibly, a species of Adepts. The slaverfish possesses the ability to control a creature’s or person’s body if it feeds it its slime. In fact, the slaverfish seems to prefer taking humans under its thrall. It forces those it enthralls to gather it meat to throw into whatever body of water the slaverfish calls home and to protect the creature. The slaverfish also seems to use those it enthralls as scouts, finding potential dangers, so it is presumed that the slaverfish can see through the eyes of its minions. However, nothing under a slaverfish’s thrall has been seen talking, so it is presumed that the slaverfish possesses no true grasp of language itself. However, one famous slaverfish was intelligent enough to know that a dam being built upstream of its home would isolate it, and managed to enthrall minions to sabotage the project.

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