Sentence Summaries

This wiki page is meant to offer plain language, one or two sentence summaries of various things in the world of Ruengoethe.

Ruengoethe: A post-apocalyptic fantasy world about equivalent to 17th century Earth, but with magic, giants, elves, huge abandoned impossible structures, whales that glow, souls that are totally visible and knowable, and a tendency to get way more complicated and never much simpler.

State of Affairs: Things are pretty messy and lots of people are dying and oh hey look corporations are very new and kind of evil already.

Humans: They’re like us, but have to live with people that are not like us.

Venerable: Humans with recycled souls that tend to have PTSD by age five from remembering way too much and have a culture kind of like Ancient Greece with the flair of the Mali Empire.

Elf: Pointy eared people who live in the woods and are super sad about the loss of their great culture, but pretty happy about everything else. Think Mohawk Indians with medieval Irish trappings.

Scheznyk: Weirder looking pointy eared people who come from someplace super cold and are all about tradition and writing way more depressing stuff than anybody else, but everybody else reads it anyway. Think Bohemians meet the Japanese and have to live in Siberia.

Apsara: Even weirder looking pointy eared people who like to make monsters to make money to make more monsters and think that they are way better than everyone else because of all their monsters and money. Think Monsanto in Ming Dynasty China , but with American South chattel slavery and no emperor or hippies getting in the way of the eunuchs or genetic engineering.

Ondine: More normal looking pointy eared people who can talk with their brains and are totally about evangelism and sacrifice (but only of people who want to be). Think about what would happen if the Aztecs and the Conquistadors were all like “Hey, we’re not so different. Let’s do both our things at the same time!”

Conservator: People from an intentional Switzerland who are all Peace Corp conscripts.

Slavebred: People mixed up with animals to be made into better slaves who are sometimes okay with that, but often not so much.

Littlefolk: Like humans, but smaller. Think Cajuns, but instead of Native Americans, their were Amazon River tribes in the mix, & more understandable accents.

Giant: Big humans who have really poor impulse control.

Delver: Really weird looking, eyeless, underground people who take “knowledge is power” way more seriously than your middle school librarian ever did.

Nonman: Mysterious people who built really cool stuff until people who couldn’t build such cool stuff killed all of them.

Walking Gods: Atrophying deities who live right on the planet’s surface and give tangible benefits to their worshipers. Despite the name, they do not walk much anymore.

Ascendants: Kind of like Christian saints mixed up with minor Hindu gods. Real people who did something super cool, so their bodies got put up into heaven and now their fanboys can use them for magic or something.

Anathem: Like an Ascendant, but they did something super uncool or nobody knows what cool thing they did.

Vestiges: The cackling ghosts of Walking Gods that have Lovecraftian intentions.

Oversoul: Dude, this is just straight out of Emerson; I did not even change the name.

Fíodóirí: Ghost Dance spiritualism as influenced by Jainism .

Ahnsang: If Zoroastrism was the state religion of Confucian China.

Ascendant Church: Bad bits of 17th century Catholic church mixed up with good bits of Transcendentalism.

Ackenzal; Put your finger at the tip of Denmark and bring it south until you get to the sole of Italy, and the countries you hit along the way are a lot like the duchies of Ackenzal, but the real ones probably get along better and never had to go through being one nation.

Zapandi: Colonial Africa+India+yes it is just supposed to represent colonial stuff.

The Vale: Bavaria, but where the Grimm Brother’s got a whole lot more right than they ever wanted to.

Wyvar: What city would come to be if Charles Dickens and William Gibson got together to write about 17th London with super-cool steam tech.

Free Legion: Like the Expendables, but not terrible in every way.

Seekers: Jesuit priests who enlisted in the US Army’s Civil Affairs unit, but with swords and fireballs.

Kujeewa: If a bunch of Ted Bundys were Buddhist .

Sentence Summaries

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