“Heroes and scholars stand at the mouths of the same trail, but follow it to different ends. The scholar endeavors for the good of us all, sometimes to ameliorate harsh labor, sometimes to lessen misery, and sometimes to make death wait a while longer, or at least make the waiting more tolerable. But the hero sets a portion of humanity on an altar and plunges the knife for the sake of his own honor. His statue is built upon a foundation of ashes and corpses. Yet all humanity crowns a scholar, love forms the pedestal of his statues, and his victories defy the judgement of time.”
-from Meditations on The Spires by Francis Sumner

The Seekers is 1,500 year old semi-religious organization dedicated to the preservation, protection, and dissemination of knowledge, science, and art. The Library of Thassal established the Seekers, originally a simple organization dedicated to uncovering ancient knowledge and making it available to all. Over the centuries, they became directly opposed to the mystery cult known as the Libricides, who seek to expurgate texts from public knowledge and tried several times to burn the Library of Thassal. The Seekers, though not their original directive, also became combatants against the Libricdes.

The contemporary Seekers are essentially a paramilitary organization with very good diplomatic relations with the major nations of Ruengoethe. They are still headquartered in Thassal, but also have bases in The Spires of Ackenzal, Lypra Haveno, and Ejdaquru. Though most members are primarily scholars, a large amount of knowledge of arms, combat Tuning, and wilderness lore. Many call The Messenger or The Librarian their patron, though the organization’s position in both The Ascendant Church and the temples of Thassal is complicated, as many members seem to treat their alliance to the Seekers as primary.

Entry into the ranks of the Seekers is usually governed by the universities in which there is a Seeker base. Young scholars who show interest and aptitude are trained in the mission and skills of the Seekers alongside their academic pursuits. The organization is funded primarily though the patronage of Thassal and Ackenzal, though it is suspected that they may have a large, secondary income from selling recovered artifacts. The Seekers have a well-established travel network, having access to at least three Windjammers or Nonman origin and the Heddleways of Neverfall, the Nyumban,



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