“By day it is filled with boat traffic, and each boat is painted with bright colors, blues and reds and yellows. The people here have names for every kind of boat, some distinguished by details so nuanced I could not see them no matter how much my guide explained them. Just know that if it floats, and it’s in Rise, it moves along the waters of the Cataract. By daylight the waters of this waterfall underneath the vast arch of the Lapis Window is one of the great wonders of our world. But at night, especially when the Glastum Moon is full, and its blue light dances off the water and onto the palaces, it is something else in whole. If you were at the cusp of going the way of all flesh, and your last wish was for your ashes to be thrown off the edge of the Lapis Window into the Cataract during a full Glastum Moon, everyone would know this about you — you knew what beauty is.”
-from Travels of a Young Bard by Charmaine

Rise is one of the port cities that composes Lypra Haveno, famous for its construction on a natural arc reinforced by Nonman crafts, called the Lapis Window. It is the only major city of Lypra Haveno to be ruled by people who are not ethnically from Cainaythiel. The nobles of Rise, given the surname of te Levigxu, are Havsfolk who conquered the region in centuries passed. Since then, though, most of the descendants of these conquerors have lost their language and intermarried within the local populace of Cairnthays.

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