Raid on the Nascent Keep

1643 ASF

The Raid on the Nascent keep was a surprise attack led by extremist elements in Thassal, the Kujeewa.

The Nascent Keep is where the phylacteries, the collective souls of the Venerable, are kept, and by destroying them the Thassali people would no longer be able to produce any further offspring. The Kujeewa, however, think that the Wombplague is a force of great liberation, one that allows Venerables a release from the cycle of rebirth. The rogue element that attacked the Nascent Keep hoped to bring the gift of liberation to all of Thassal.

The battle for the Keep was ferocious, and the revered Tunba Azsiskari, who were still trained in traditional methods of warfare that had not adjusted since the advent of firearms and cannons, resorted to heading suicidal charges with spear and sword against rows of musket-wielding infantry and artillery. The Kujeewa had seized modern weapons from a Syndicate convoy they raided in their distinctive fashion, and though not trained well in their use, proved to be sufficiently capable at killing those not prepared for cannonfire.

In the end, the Flagellants were defeated, though at great cost. The Tunba Azsiskari lost nine out of every ten, and many of the survivors were shunned for the cowardice, as those who lived often chose to stay back rather than face the line of Kujeewa guns.

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Raid on the Nascent Keep

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