In the beginning, this world was simply what is existent. One strand of becoming, unbroken, without a second. And it thought to itself: “Let me be many.”— First Teachings of The Philosopher

The Oversoul is a principle concept in the Ascendant Church. The Ascendant Church believes that Ascendants come close,or closer than most, to exemplifying the Oversoul, an immense consciousness that penetrates through all things connected to the Loom and exists beyond the dualities and pluralities of the material realm. An Ascendant, then, is thought to be a person who represents an ego detached from the particulars of the world and devoted to the monistic ideals of compassion and kindness.


The Oversoul is often colloquially referred to as “Salt,” leading to expressions such as “finding the salt in this sand” meaning, finding meaning in something bland or a “Salted text,” meaning a holy book. This comes from the story often told children about how the oversoul works, the tale of the Daughter and Brine, in which a daughter asks her father how she is to think about the Oversoul, and the father explains:

“Daughter, put this salt rock in this pail and come back tomorrow.” And the daughter did as she was told, and the father said to her, “Bring me the salt you put in the water last night.” The daughter reached into the water, but couldn’t grasp anything .
“Now take a sip from this corner” said the father, ladling out a scoop of water for his daughter to drink. “How does it taste?”
“Salty,” said the girl.
“How about from this corner?”
So the father told his girl to throw out the water and leave the pail in the sun. The daughter did so, and later found that the salt was always there in the pail. The father told his girl, “You did not see it, you could not grasp it, yet it was always right there.”— The Third Scroll of Wisdom


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