he bore a flame for her, a flame against her, and both burned through soul and flesh
for no man made either
-from A Ballad of The Lady and The Champion

Orichalcum is the alloy created by the Nonmen to use in their remarkable feats of Tekne and science. It is of a pinkish, bronze color, about as hard as steel but half as heavy. It resists corrosion, even over millennia, and has exceptional resistance to metal fatigue. Orichalcum is a rare material, especially in a form that has not already been shaped for a particular purpose. Most orichalcum one comes across is still in the form it had when the nonmen crafted it.

The most important feature of orichalcum is its responsiveness to Elizadry. The material is able to bear modification made through the Loom, much like starfall steel, and the powerful can morph and bend the metal via tuning, unless it has been “hardened” to resist such magics.

Some applications include storing heat energy within Orichalcum so it can be released, either steadily to warm a home or explosively for digging. Orichalcum artifacts have been found that seem to work like Aetherskrivers, and some have been made to defy gravity when manipulated properly through the Loom.


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