Lypra Haveno


Lypra Haveno, or “The Free Ports,” is a collection of independent city-states on the northern shores of Cairnaythiel. The city-states share no common government, but do fall under the purview of The Ascendant Church and have close diplomatic ties between one another. Of course, this does not prevent constant trade disputes, ethnic conflicts, spy scandals, and wars among and between the city-states of Lypra Haveno. In fact, according to most outsiders, it seems to promote them.

The Free Ports are a dominant presence in the banking, fishing, and shipping industries. In addition, each city seems to have one particular export or trade that they excel in, be it the glassworks of Rise, the dyes of Urbo te Farbo, or the silk of Gar Tineo.

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Lypra Haveno

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