Heddleways are remnants of powerful Nonman magic, freestanding, doorsized “horns” of pinkish-bronze Orichalcum that, when activated, project a liquid sheen in the space between them, through which one can see a faraway place. They are essentially portals, each one able to teleport a traveler to another Heddleway across Ruengoethe by simply walking through it after activation.

The operation of these devices is still not fully understood, and the capacity to change where the Heddleway delivers a traveler is only available in a few Heddleways. To use a Heddleway, a special, large ring of stone inlaid with Orichalcum designs, known as a “codice,” is required. Each codice seems keyed to another particular Heddleway. As an additional complication, as some Heddleways only allow for travel in one direction. Many codices were originally mistaken as art pieces, and ended up in the homes of nobles across Ruengoethe, and most codices seem to be keyed to Heddleways that are now non-functional. At one point, a discovered store of over a dozen codices in Neverfall, the largest collection that had not even been used yet, were destroyed by the Libricides.

To activate a Heddleway requires the talents of multiple masters of Tuning, and the required energy increases the larger the mass that goes through the Heddleway. This restricts the usage greatly, and it is considered uneconomical to use a Heddleway for anything other than a personal transport of the wealthy and powerful. Most Heddleways are managed by the governments of their respective kingdoms, though control of the Heddleways of Wyvar and Nyumban is governed by the universities in those cities.

Some known locations with a Heddleway include:
Neverfall, which is an entryway to Nyumban & The Delve and allows free travel to The Talon
Wyvar, which allows entry into Nyumban
Nyumban, which is an exit site for Wyvar and Neverfall and is linked bidirectionally to the Chancetarn
The Talon at the Falls, which is linked bidirectionally to Neverfall
The Delve, which is linked bidirectionally to Sarissa’s Peak, is an entry to the Chancetarn, and is an exit from Neverfall
Sarissa’s Peak, which is linked bidirectionally to The Delve
Sanktejo, which is an entryway to Haseer and an unknown underwater location
Haseer, which is an exit for Sanktejo
Chancetarn, which is an exit from The Delve and is linked bidirectionally to Nyumban
Sunsong Keep (non-functional)

There is also the Great Heddleway, located within the The Steppes of the western continent, which, while not seemingly broken, has not been powered. It seems that the magical energies needed for its operation are too great for contemporary Tuners.


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