“I saw our reflection in a lake and I waited for it to freeze so I could break it.”
- Ragana the Crone

Goliath female

The Giants are humans that were warped by the energies of the first starfall, making them large and stoneskinned as well as afflicting them with terrible appetites for meat, sex, and gold. At first truebreeding Giants were divided into warring clans, raping and pillaging without rest, but many were united by Ragana the Crone, who taught them how to control their desires through the Discipline, a meditative practice that demands logical reasoning and a spirit of community. Giants of the Discipline dedicate themselves wholly to a single craft, believing in an ideal plane of forms that ought to be expressed in reality. Many Giants still live by the wild ways in the Glassed Lands, though the Giants of civilized Helligimark do not fear their unorganized raids. The Giants of Helligimark are one of the few cultures with a representative government, that even has complete gender equality and public schooling. They have never practiced slavery, regarding it as a practice for the weak and craven. The Giants of Helligimark are still crippled from becoming a true power due to a lack of natural resources and an almost religious prohibition against expanding the borders of their kingdom.

Giants have also risen in the lands of Ganza, mutated by the second starfall, and have yet to have the truebreeding forms of the Esgalgrath Giants. They are still in the savage stage that the first generation found themselves in, and Helligimark has sent missionaries to convert them to the Discipline, with little success. In The Char, as that blasted region of Ganza is known, there are also littlefolk and slavebred who have been touched by Fellwright, who suffer many of the same effects that the people of Esgalgrath did.

Play a Giant if you want…

  • To be fierce, athletic, and feared.
  • To battle with your baser desires through a strict philosophy.
  • To be able to excel as a fighter, barbarian, or warden.

Gameplay Statistics

  • Use the Goliath statistics from the Player’s Handbook 2 or the Minotaur statistics from the Player’s Handbook 3. Languages are Vulgate and Lagoth (for Esgalgrath) or Vulgate and Kuniksprog (for Ganzan).

Physical Description: Giants of Esgalgrath stand at around seven feet tall and weigh twice as much as a normal man. Their gray skin is hard, with stony protrusions called lithoderms. Giants do not grow hair on their face, groin, or armpits, and most male giants cannot grow hair on their head at all. Females grow coarse black hair on their heads that they often braid into plaits or crop off so it does not interfere with hunting or combat. Giants, like Fae, do not have a visible iris in their eye, but rather the pupil extends to the edge of the orbits, giving the eye a shark-like appearance. The Giants wear animal skins, as hunting is a large part of their culture, and decorate their bodies with extensive tattoos. Shirts are an optional part of clothing in their culture, and even warriors are known to enter combat unencumbered by armor. The Giants of Ganza have more varied forms, as they are an early generation that is still actively mutating from the effects of the starfall, and thus have more deleterious effects such as cripplingly large lithoderms or asymmetrical limbs. Giants have lifespans that similar to humans.

Playing a Giant in this campaign: If you are a civilized Giant, you go through life struggling with base desires, and through yourself wholly into your craft, searching for perfection. You are feared by most other races due to your size and reputation for savagery, which you can use to your advantage. You may have a degree of self-loathing because of the constant denial of your desires, or you may have developed a strong sense of pride that you are forced to hide away. Many adventurer Giants are searching great challenges to overcome, something fulfilling to distract from the gnawing pain of their hungers. You might search for such challenges, and lucky for you this is a campaign filled with adventure.

Goliath male


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