Firearms in Ruengoethe are a recent invention, and currently seeing widespread use in martial forces across the world. Being able to penetrate some armor and requiring almost no training to use, their adoption has been very rapid in human civilizations, with about 25% of armed forces carrying muskets to battle. The Fae courts regard the use of firearms with disdain, believing the capabilities of the weapons redundant with their preferred bows and tuning arts. Giants of Helligimark similarly do not use personal firearms, though they were quick to adapt artillery into their military’s tactical repertoire.

The most advanced type of firearm is the wheellock, though matchlock weapons still see widespread use, especially among poorer militia. The wheellock works by spinning a spring-loaded steel wheel against a piece of pyrite to create sparks which ignite powder in a pan, which flashes through a touchhole to ignite the main charge in the gun’s barrel. Wheellock weapons take some time to load and are very expensive, which is why the regions which have the time and resources to train archers still prefer the use of bows and arrows.

There are also weapons known as “magelock” firearms. These firearms, rather than depending on an external pyrite flint or brand to ignite the powder, have a shard of Syanthazoa within the barrel that a magic user can spark, thus igniting the powder. The construction of these weapons require far less technical expertise, but is only useful in the hands of someone who can tune.

Acr ottoman flintlock



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