Cur is the half-elven leader of a group of outlaws in The Vale. His mother died in childbirth, and his human father raised him on their pig farm. He was cruelly treated as a child due to the still large anti-elven sentiment of the region, and spent most of his time at the farm alone. His father died when Cur was just a teenager, and the farm was seized, under shady legal right, by Cur’s uncle. Cur fought to keep the farm for himself, but was dismissed and given under his uncle’s protection. Cur dealt with three years of abuse under his uncle before running away to the Elves, where he was begrudgingly accepted. However, one night he slipped away, crept into the farm, and tried getting away with his mother’s jewelry box, a valuable collection that had also been ceded to Cur’s uncle. However, he was caught in the act, and Cur fought to get away, maiming his uncle and his cousin in the escape. When he sought refuge with the elves, they gave him up to the human authorities immediately, not wanting to gather any further disdain from the humans of the Vale. Cur was flogged publicly, but managed to escape the stocks and make his way into the forest.

He then left The Vale for a while, and, according to Cur, found himself as an apprentice to a mercenary order specializing in assassinations, supposedly the same order that characters such as Fox, Wolf, and Hound belong to. Cur claims that he was taught the principles of leadership, combat, and fieldcraft by the order, but abandoned the order during the Feral Risings, not willing to risk his life by participating in battlefield assassinations.

After his apprenticeship, he returned yo his home, and there he has built a small settlement of criminals and ruffians that raid travelers along the Vale’s narrow roads, occasionally creep into Scrimshore to steal goods that they sell to river traders, and maraud nearby farms. Attempts to dislodge Cur have always failed miserably, as the half-elf always seems to move camp the moment guards are rousted.



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