Blossom Night

Blossom Night is an annual festival celebrated in the northern duchies of Ackenzal and in Leovigild. It is a celebration of the feast day of Saint Gauis, who famously slew the Lady of Blossoms during the rebellion of man. Often the feast day is raucous, debauched, and drunken. The festival is marked by the burning of bouquets dipped in branvin and the communal recitation of the following song:

Our moon shines full and bright,
dips the world in pale light,
odd fogs
cloud being and senses,
the flowers glow,
attracts us with their sight,
I’ve to go, it’s Blossom Night.

All ‘round the bright fire,
all ‘round in wild dance,
knitting bodies, weaving ghosts, strings are touching in the flight…

Steady, up and on
where fire’s song
drags us in the spell
of our martyr’s tale,
close to the burning heat
we braid in one body,
become one with Blossom Night.

Blossom Night

Ruengoethe Marching_Hare