Alec Dødhandler

“I have an easier time killing men at war than animals in cages. But I am good at both.”
-from Alec


Alec Dødhandler was born free man in Ehrenfried, the child of runaway slaves. However, when slavecatchers managed to track down his parents and bring them back to their owners, they illegally brought Alec with them. Alec’s ferocity and strength was quickly noted by his owner, and he trained him to be a fighter, then sold him to a fightmaster, a shamed member of the Faculty of Masters, of the pits of Ganza’s famed Vicepor.

Alec made a name for himself in the pits, given the name Dødhandler for his skill with the large, two handed swords he preferred. He was also rented out as a bodyguard and enforcer to dignitaries in the city, who would often make a show of having a bodyguard with such esteemed status. At one point Alec was presented as a bodyguard to the Dukeof Ehrenfried while the baron was conducting business there. During the baron’s stay, there was an attempt on his life, but Alec quickly cut down the erstwhile assassins. The Duke of Ehrenfried, already opposed to slavery, bought Alec’s freedom from his cruel owner and offered to bring the fighter north.

Alec accepted, and, at the Duke’s expense, was given a proper education. However, he and the duke had a falling out when Alec prompted the baron to try and convince the Duke of Ehrenfried to lend military support to the various unorganized slave rebellions that had been cropping up around Ackenzal. The duke did not feel that emancipation would be won by the sword, but in the courtroom. Alec disagreed, and went south to unite an army. Already famous, and being a rarity among slavebred for having an extensive education, over the course of several years Alec managed to position himself at the head of an organized and cohesive slave rebellion, now called the Feral Risings.

He was infamous for personally leading charges and being merciless to captured officers, not seeing much use for keeping prisoners for ransom. His battlefield tactics, eschewed the traditional mass unit tactics of Ackenzal and instead employed hit-and-run raids and guerrilla warfare that infuriated the Ducal Forces. He also was prone to scorched earth tactics, usually choosing to destroy crops and support structures over directly fighting enemy troops. In fact, he is much more infamous for his forces destruction of property than killing men, as many of his raids avoided losses of life altogether. His goal was to make soldiers leave their army in order to attend to their homes. He had a good command of both battlefield tactics and grander strategy, knowing that his victory would need to be attained in the courts of Ackenzal, and not in a battlefield, and that he would eventually lose if the Ducal forces had time to unite.

In the end, the Feral Rising were won by those favoring emancipation, though it is unclear whether it was more to do with the parliamentary decision, influenced by the call of the Ascendant Church, or the violent rebellion. Today Alec is politician in Wyvar, a representative in the House of Guilds working to secure payed work and arable land for the now free ferals, a job which many believe the ferocious warrior is ill-suited for.

Alec Dødhandler

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