Aetun is a college of war magic based in Usterine, teaching the art of destruction of both Gnostic Magic and Anagogic Magic. During The Inquisition, most forms of magic that did not rely on the Ascendant Church were outlawed, with the exception of those who sold their services to military forces. This led quickly to the establishment of colleges of war magic, Aetun being among the first and most successful of them. Wizards and sorcerers in the college of Aetun were trained to fight and tune as a unit, generating artillery-like magics that were much more powerful and effective than the traditional method of deploying mages into the field as support troops mixed with the infantry. The college of Aetun also developed magelock weaponry, pistols and cannons with simplified and much more reliable designs that required a mage to ignite the powder.

During the Feral Risings, many of this college fought for the ducal forces of Ganza, and, due to their magic’s tendency to cruelly burn people alive, became a target of much ire among the rebel fighters. The college itself, a tower of Nonman make, was sacked during the rebellion, and many young wizards were were burned at the pyre.

In the contemporary era, the college still produces Sellspells, though the older universities of Ackenzal, especially the dignified University of Wyvar, despise the upstart institution, believing that its presence compromises the art of tuning by turning it into a bought tool of warfare.

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