“Laugh at the milk-sops who call themselves Good because they have no claws with which to cut. Laugh at the lambs who see your strength and call it Evil.”
from Halix, a Giant tribal leader

“The Willful” is the term used to self-describe Giants who follow a particular philosophy characterized by its extreme individualism, rejection of The Loom, hostile view of Ascendants, and a view of ethics that dissolves notions of “good” and “evil”. The philosophy in fact rejects all notions of deities, spirits, and higher beings, radically departing from the common religious beliefs of Ruengoethe. The Willful form a particular band of Giants united by a respect for power and hatred of weakness; they regard societies that elevate the weak and participate in pity and self-restriction as being “milk-sops”. Followers of The Crone are particularly despised for setting the Giants on a path of self-restriction, which the Willful contend is actually self-hatred or a cultural suicide. Asceticism is despised by The Willful, who see the practice as a preference to will nothing rather than to will something that might be called evil by the milk-sops. This denial of self is the closest thing to a sin among The Willful.

The Willful contend that The Loom and, by extension, Tuning, removes one from the real world and promote an illusion. Those that access The Loom are “deniers” who would rather change the state of things than transcend them. The Willful believe that the ultimate goal is to become something that is beyond mundane morality that can participate in the world, the real and natural world, in a self-actualizing manner. The Willful believe that it is power over the world and people, to claim what one wants with vigor and without any regret, that is the path to this transcendence. They contend that this notion is beyond simple hedonism, as they say it is not the pleasure principle that guides them, but love of power itself that leads to transcending whatever veil culture has built between oneself and the world.

The Willful are often blamed for raiding activities in the Glassed Lands, though their is nothing particular in their philosophy that promotes violence over any other belief prevalent among the tribal Giants of the Glassed Lands. It seems extra unlikely when one realizes the inherent anarchism of The Willful, who are unlikely to organize themselves into bands considering their philosophical beliefs.

“We affirm the moment. We affirm not only ourselves but existence. Nothing is self-sufficient, neither in us nor in things. If our soul found joy just once, all eternity was needed to produce that one moment. In that moment all eternity is redeemed.”
-a speech given by Halix

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