“The fear is not that one may talk to those cackling spirits. The fear is not even that a man may listen. No, the fear is that they are listening to us, and have been for a long time.”
-from a lecture on the nature of the Vestige, from Thassali scholar Ashur

A vestige is a fractured remnant of a Walking God that still exists as a shadow on The Loom. Vestiges are considered mad spirits by many throughout Ruengoethe, unwhole creatures with no real identity or purpose. Their existence resembles particularly powerful Wisps, spirits with a degree of sentience and the ability to funnel power outside The Loom and into the world. Most vestiges have no idea who they were before their death, while some vestiges claim multiple identities, while other identities have more than one vestige attached to them.

Communication with vestiges, though possible to those with sufficient connection to the spirits, is confusing and muddled. Prolonged communication has been known to lead to madness. The worship of these creatures, as well as the binding of one’s soul to them, is considered forbidden magic by Ruengoethe’s major religions. In realms under the auspices of the Ascendant Church, the veneration of Vestiges is one of the few offenses that will still garner the attention of the Inquisitors.

Some Elves of Ackenzal and Leovigild worship a particular vestige that they believe to be the remains of their Lady of Blossoms. Elves of the new faith, Fíodóirí, despise the practice. There are also some human cults that worship the Walking Gods of the Old Dominion, believing that the golden age that the Nonmen experienced may be brought to the world again through the power of the vestiges.

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