The Delve

“It is always the cave you fear to enter that holds the treasure you seek.”
-Delver proverb


The Delve is a massive underground system and biome, constructed originally by the Nonmen and expanded upon by later ranks of fae and human explorers. The true extent of The Delve is unknown, but it already contains cities that can hold thousands of people and an ecosystem capable of supporting a variety of plant and animal life.

The catacombs are a treasure trove of Nonman artifacts that permeate throughout. Many areas have their climate controlled by Nonman devices that are not fully understood, which allows for the spreading of life in such an inhospitable environment. Access to light is difficult, and many of the creatures who call The Delve home are blind. Some caves and tunnels have glowing fungi or a type of crystal that holds a light when heated, but utter darkness is the more common state of The Delve.

Currently, ownership of The Delve is defaulted to The Delvers within it, though some in Helligimark believe that since much of The Delve lies underneath their land, it is rightfully the property of the Giants. This is complicated by the racial discrimination against the Delvers, as many see the Delvers as a race created by Tekne, considering their fortuitous evolution in a Nonman environment. Indeed, Tekne Fleshforges have been found in The Delve, and, despite the insistence of The Ascendant Church, they have yet to be destroyed.

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The Delve

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