The Builder

“An engineer seeks to improve the state of man. This is the whole of it.”
-from Chlothar’s Book of Specifications

?50 BSF-?25 ASF

The Builder, known in life as Chlothar d’Muro, was an engineer who devised the system needed to harness the power of the dwimmerwells in the city-state of Wyvar, and who is now an Ascendant worshiped prominently in the Ascendant church. Early in his career he helped design the underground aqueducts that brought fresh water into the city and sewage out. He caught the attention of the High King, who employed the engineer and gave him a laboratory and parcel of land to continue his work. This parcel would eventually become the University of Wyvar. With the High King’s stipend and a latitude of freedom, Chlothar would come to design the double-hulled ship, the automated bobbin winder, and a variety of automatons based on nonman designs . He also was critical in the invention of the eldritch manganons, which were critical in the defense of the city of Wyvar from an Ondine siege. Few of these designs were actualized during his time, and took until the discovery of his personal notebooks centuries later for the designs to become popular.

While Chlothar developed many inventions, he was most fascinated by the dwimmerwells. His greatest project was the construction of a great loom, powered by a dwimmerwell, and it was this insight that made Wyvar the world power that it is today. His research provided the groundwork of the harvesting of the dwimmerwell’s power for many other uses.

The Builder

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