The Bastard

Wilhelm Farafsadel, known as “The Bastard,” is the illegitimate son of the Baron of the Vale and Lady Sofie, a minor noble of the region who was engaged to be wed to the Baron. However, the Baron of the Vale broke off the engagement with Sofie and instead wed a leader of the Feral rebellion. Sofie, distraught and disgraced, later found out she was pregnant with what she claimed to be the Baron’s child. The Baron, however, never recognized paternity, and under Trailfar’s law paternity must be recognized for the child to be considered a member of the household.

Sofie gave birth to Wilhelm in an abbey dedicated to The Maiden, and, though she was offered the opportunity to take her vows and join the abbey, she instead abandoned the child there and fled. Wilhelm was kept in the abbey until he turned twelve, at which point the abbess cited the taboo of a man being within the walls of her order’s abbey. Wilhelm was given into the service of a travelling Ganzan lord, Argor d’Sturmkeep. Wilhelm made friends with Argor’s daughter, Asha, and was trained in arms and eventually made cup-bearer to the lord. Argor’s sudden death, which some suspect may have been by poison, and Asha’s quick grasp of d’Sturmkeep’s holdings raised suspicion within the Ganzan court.

Wilhelm was given command of Red Asha’s mercenaries, the Gallowglass company, and fought for the Crown during the Feral Risings. He had a reputation of cruelty towards captured Ferals, performing brutal public executions and ensuring each of his men participated in some extent in his murders. He was known for being particularly vicious to those who practiced miscegenation, killing civilians and rebels alike. He gained a devout following among his men, many of whom suffered economically after the ban on slavery and shared his racist philosophies, and earned the affectionate nickname “The Bastard” during his service during the Feral Risings.

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The Bastard

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