Myeungesung is a small nation in the Western continent. The country, which is composed of swampland, rice paddies, and some beautiful coastline, is not considered a major power in Ruengoethe currently, but at one point was the home of a great army that successfully forced the Autumn Court to give up control of human lands.

Currently Myeungesung is mostly populated by humans, though there are still ancestors of many slavebred living within the territory. It is one of the few cultures that does not discriminate against the slavebred—in fact, intermarriage with slavebred is commonplace, and many slavebred hold political or religious offices within the country.

There has been a history of the Radiant Empire attempting to take Myeungesung as a territory, but these attempts have failed due to the impassibility of the shared northern border and the unwillingness of the locals to convert from their religious beliefs, which is a particular combination of Ascendant and ancestor worship.


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