The Cambion are a species of liminals originally created by The Chirurgeon in his attempt to instill religion into a beast. It was successful, but instead of worshiping him, his creations devoured him. They are very rare creatures, though they have been found on three separate continents so far.

Cambion are shaped like manta rays, with eight foot wingspans. Their backs are jet black, and their underside a pallid white. They have flattened, human-like faces, with distorted features and two rows of needle-like teeth. They have bony, segmented tails that end in a barb. Cambion fly in an odd, moth-like fashion, frequently landing and moving in an unpredictable pattern.

Cambion feed on fresh meat, and hunt by launching themselves at their prey and wrapping them in their wings, mauling the face and head of their target while crushing the ribs and lungs. This is known as a “Cambion Kiss,” as humans targeted by this attack often have their jaw ripped off first as the cambion tries to eat its way to the brain.

Cambion are rare, and almost exclusively reside in the ruins of human and fae cities, usually within flying distance to a settlement. There they cobble shrines from the refuse to some deity of their invention (possibly The Chirurgeon, an Anathem), making images and statues that resemble a madman’s attempt to draw for an anatomical textbook. They do not seem to have any language beyond their worship, and build nothing besides their shrines.

It is rumored that all cambion are male, and rely on the abduction of human women to reproduce. This may be true, as of the few cambion nests found, all have had special “nurseries” filled with cambion young and the mangled remains of human women.



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