Tag: Nonman


  • The Talon at the Falls

    The Talon at the Falls is a fortress situated in The Spellsung Wilds. It is a Nonman ruin, being constructed of some impossibly hard, glass-like stone from which one can see out of as if it were made of smoke trapped in crystal, but from outside appears …

  • Nonman

    _"All we really know of them is that we know very little. The Walking Gods remember, and they are not speaking much anymore. The Vestiges remember, and to them we ought not listen."_ -from _Meditations on The Spires_ by Francis Sumner The Nonman were …

  • Neverfall

    _"The city of Neverfall. At first I thought it a mirage, just blush-colored light that we would sail through and on to the city. But then there was a swell in my heart, the wind pushed our ship toward Neverfall, and it was true. I could walk in that light …

  • Legacy Beast

    A legacy beast is a creature believed to be originally created by the Nonmen, either through more conventional magebreeding or through Tekne.