By Boat or By Bread

Journal Entry #48, Part 2

Today was a fairly eventful day, journal! I’m pretty sure I remembered where we buried the other 250 gold pieces, although I have a feeling we might not be traveling back that way before too long.
While recruiting, or rather, buying some local bandits’ assistance, I happened upon a young Sorcerer who seemed eager to learn more of the finer details of some arcane issues, like making small ice elephants. He was a quick study, and before too long, could make a variety of animals! I hope he’s going to stick around a while, he seems like a good mind to have around.

Saw an epic tavern fight – well, catalyzed an epic tavern fight, rather. Pulling at the mind’s control of those who already wanted to attack the Mercenaries wasn’t all that awe-inspiring (nor was Viro’s epic shoulder press), but all in all a fair success. Not much ice and fire, steel and bow, but effective. Successful too was our attempts at earning the locals’ trust and willingness to fight the Gallowglass Mercenaries with us and leading us to the Baroness. I’m sensing that there might be more to this than just the Vale, with the Pearls of Autumn being transported through Akhenzhal, I think the Valish Elves might have their goals a bit misplaced. But, another day closer to the Glossolalia.

[The signature resembles musical notation]

Devion Thace

From the Practice Journal of Viro - Part 3

- We snuk into the basemint. There was a lot of moss. The moss was not regular moss. It was unatural. There were more status but not any more alfabet alphabet problms.

- There was a bunch of alkemists. We atacked them. There was also a dog. We attaked it. I grabed one elf becase he trid tryed to run away. I beat him up. We put him in a chest.

- There was a nother room. There were more dogs. There was a elf. He tryed to kil me but I kiled him first and tok his serd sord sword. The sword has many spykes. I like it a lot. It will be good to cut the hed off of THE BASTERD with it to git my hamer back. We also got a green puppy. I want to keep the dog. But maybe sombody else wants it. I got the sword alredy.

- The bard and Dolf tried to talk with the elf woman. They did not do wel. She atacked them. They atacked back. Dolf and the wizerd almost dyed. I kiled many of the bushes. Then I lept up over some rocs and cut the FACE off of the elf bich. I got her blod blood all over my cloths. Then I screemed at the two other elfs to come at me. They freeked out and gave up like babys.

- We walkd walked the bad elfs back to the good elf camp. They stoped being so crazy. They were hapy to not be crazy anymor.

From the Practice Journal of Viro

- I spent some time scooting out the forest and rodes. The rodes are being used by THAT BASTARD’S MEN. Their keeping out of the forset forest.

- The elfs want us to find a bunch of bad elfs. They are living in some old casle or somethin. Named Gaymark? Gaymarch???? They stil worship the lady of spring and are bad. I dont no why. The elfs will help us take the keep if we get rid of them.

- The elfs gave us 2 elf women to take us to the place. We stoped at the pig framer’s howse. He had a ded pig. The pig wasnt dead from an animel. It was soemthing something else. We ate diner there. The DIC made fun of me.

- We made camp near a forest. I had the 1 watch. The wizerd had the last watch. He fel aslep or something. Bushs atacked us. I kiled them. The brad bard helped a litle. The elfs got mad because Dult kiled a bad elf that tryed to kil us. Elfs are dum sometimes.

- We went to the casle. It was old. Tere There wer stachus. They had riting on them. I used my alfabet skils to open a door. I alwasy new lerning to read was a good idea.

Forgall's Interview with Emer and Dierdra

ME: Did you get the foreigners to the geismache safely? And did you find them worthy of the task?

DIERDRA: Yes, manach, but not without some trouble.

EMER: Dark trouble.

ME: The CaillĂ­, that witch Medb? What has she done?

DIERDRA: First the foreigners stopped by the pig farm.

EMER: The one with the old round-ear, the one that always reeks of shit.

ME: D’Wiart’s farm.

DIERDRA: Yes, the Wart’s. Something had killed his pig.

EMER: He thought the dalish Elves did it.

DIERDRA: Because he is a fool.

EMER: But the foreigners looked at the wounds. They were not caused by any natural beast.

DIERDRA: One of the foreigners, the dark one who carries a globe on his hair…

EMER: The clever one?

DIERDRA: The kind one.

EMER: The cute one.

ME: Devion.

DIERDRA: Yes, he offered us food to eat and shelter, even when our people were suspect.

EMER: But the large one, the Free Legionnaire…

ME: Dult.

EMER: Yes Dult. I do not trust him.

ME: Why?

EMER: We followed the usual path to the Geismache, and at dawn we were attacked by an apostate and Murmets.

ME: So the apostates are delving into the lost arts.

DIERDRA: The dark arts, you mean.

EMER: The art is no longer lost, but very dark. The murmets drained the Wart’s swine, and tried to kill us in our sleep. We slew the taint, and burned any trace of it from our woods. Devion plucked at the Loom and put the apostate into an arcane slumber.

DIERDRA: But while our cousin slept, Dult stabbed her through the lungs.

ME: Why? Did he say? Did you ask?

EMER: He claimed to not know that weirding ways had been used on her. That he was unaware of magics and was acting on instinct.

DIERDRA: Like a beast.

EMER: But we drew no blood from him. Well, not much. We performed the Sochraid Crann for our cousin, and led the foreigners to the boundary stones, which were inscribed with ogam of foreboding.

DIERDRA: Fresh cuts into the granite, Forgall.

ME: I hope our foreign champions come out from the heretic’s den unscathed. And if they, we have to prepare the dale’s forces for a war with evil men.

EMER: Is there any other kind?

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