The Tyrant

“A nation owned by one man is no nation at all.”
-from The Second Scroll of Wisdom

The Tyrant, known as Rignar Jung in life, was a king of an ancient nation of Esgalgrath between the rule by the fae and the First Starfall. He dissolved the rights of the other nobles of his kingdom, seizing absolute control through his own secret police, and enforced a state-religion that revolved around animal sacrifice to local Vestiges. He also expelled scholars and sorcerers from his kingdom, under threat of death.

He was one of the last leaders to employ Tekne warlocks to secure his rule, and raised an army of the undead to compliment his mortal army. He is known for hosting gladiatorial games in which the loser would be sacrificed and his soul used to fuel Tekne magics. Rignar Jung, an accomplished athlete and warrior, would participate in the games himself, usually against amputees who lost limbs in Rignar’s wars. In one event, he had a series of forty-four slaves staked and bound, and he raced with one of his body guards to see who could slay the most. The bodyguard killed one, and after refused to participate in the butchery. After Rignar killed the forty-three at a steady pace, he had his petulant bodyguard sacrificed. Rignar’s immense vanity was often commemorated by artists Rignar commissioned. Many marble and granite carvings featuring his exaggerated muscular form have been found across Esgalgrath.

He conquered a sizable portion of Esgalgrath before attracting the attention of the Fae, who, seeing the possibility of Tekne spreading, sent their armies to combat the threat. After a brief but bloody war, Rignar was beaten back into the borders of his own nation. There, he tightened security for a prolonged siege, which the Fae courts were not willing to participate in. Rignar began participating in more arcane rituals with his court of Tekne warlocks, until, in a fit of madness, he slew them all at a ritual sacrifice. His hold on the Tekne broken, Rignar proved himself vulnerable to assassination- one of his own bodyguards, the brother of the one Rignar sacrificed at the games, drowned the tyrant in his tub.

After, Rignar rose as an Ascendant, for reasons not fully known. Most clerics believe that it was Rignar’s relationship with Vestiges, shortly exorcised after Rignar’s death, that let Rignar ascend. Others contend that his sacrifice of his Tekne warlocks was actually a spell used to secure Rignar’s ascension.

Rignar is still worshiped today, most notably by Giants of the Glassed Lands, who see Rignar’s pursuit of bodily perfection and use of force as vindications of their own right to power and land.

The Tyrant

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