The Radiant Empire

The Radiant Empire is a large, cohesive nation extending over large territory in the western continent. It covers a large variety of biomes, from deserts to grassy plains to rugged hills. Though not in possession of a very notable navy, it is considered one of the major powers in Ruengoethe. Diplomatic relations with The Radiant Empire are sparse, and though The Radiant Empire’s state religion, Ahnsang, promotes the expansion of the empire’s borders, the Radiant Empire has held fast to rather isolationist policies in the passed century, most likely due to the continued ethnic conflict and famine that has occurred in the Radiant Empire.

The administration of the Radiant Empire pervades the daily lives of those who live within the territory, unlike in other lands where it is generally the local authority that is the major influence of one’s life.

The Radiant Empire got its start in about 1,040 BSF, when a figure, whose true name is lost but is referred to as the First Illumined, or Chiesang, learned a means of perfecting the Anagogic Magic from a figure he called The Radiant Emperor. Cheisang gathered a force of mounted sorcerers and archers and swept vast swathe of land under his control. He also built the Palace of Candles on what he called the “mouth” of the Radiant Emperor. On his deathbed, Cheisang appointed a new Illumined Emperor to bring the word of the Radiant Emperor to the people, setting up the political system for millennia to come.

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The Radiant Empire

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