The Philosopher-King

55 BSF-0 ASF

and thus rose the greatest king of man, to lead as all from after his fall
-from The Fourth Scroll of Wisdom

The Philosopher-King is often regarded as the most important saint among those who follow the religion of the ascendants, most especially among the humans of Ackenzal.

In Esgalgrath, the first son of the king was taken away from the puppet throne by a group that would become known simply as “the Philosophers.” They took the boy around the world and trained him in mathematics, Tuning, science, logic, swordplay, strategy, and ethics for one purpose—to lead the greatest nation of men against the Fae Hegemony.

With the Philosopher-King leading them, the kingdoms of mankind rebelled against the Fae Hegemony. Even the pygmies of Pachiomadio contribute to the rebellion, driving out Summer Court missionaries. A minor noble of the swampy region of the Radiant Empire offered the Slave Army their freedom if they fight against their masters. This noble, Myeung, was stripped of his position, but eventually rose as an Ascendant.

The Philosopher-King himself was killed by The First Starfall, prompting the kingdoms of man to finally unite against the Fae Hegemony.

The Philosopher-King

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