The Lady of Rime

“Perhaps it is a cold heart that has known only winter.”
-from The Meaning of the Word by Lafcadio Zpisovet

The Lady of Rime is the Walking God connected to the Court of Winter and the de facto ruler of the Scheznyk people. In the minds of her followers, she rules over the domains of winter, wind, hearth, and home. She wrote the original codes of scheznpoi and gifts her people with the endurance to survive the inhospitable cold of Ejdaquru.

The Lady of Rime has removed herself from the governance of her people, and is supposedly wandering Ejdaquru, with scheznyk claiming to have met her on the road. Unlike her contemporaries, the Lord of Harvests and the Lord of Skies and Waters, she does not seem to require sacrifice to maintain her power, though it is clear that she is waning, as evidenced by her people’s ailing state. Some scheznyk believe that the Lady of Rime will die soon, leaving the Winter Court in the same position as the old Spring Court, and are embittered by a perceived selfishness on the part of their goddess. Others claim that the Lady of Rime’s decision to remove herself from the world was designed to force the scheznyk to govern themselves independently, to make them strong in the event of the Lady of Rime’s demise.

There are very few who use the Weft to channel the Lady of Rime’s power. Those who do are often masters of other forms of warp and weft, but find their ability to manipulate the flow of energy out of the world and into the Loom greatly enhanced by their braid to the Lady of Rime.

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The Lady of Rime

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