The Inquisition

1569-1579 ASF

The Inquisition was a decade in Ackenzal where those who practiced Tuning outside of the purview of the Ascendant Church were brutally persecuted. Families in connection with them, and occasionally even the towns mages lived in were put to the sword. The sight of the red cloaks and masked faces of the Redeemers became a source terror rather than protection.

In 1569, the Grand Cleric Patronus of the Ascendant Church declared that sennit pacts made with the vestiges as well as magic that relies on the binding of souls to corpses is an affront to the Saints, and would be punishable by death within the realms under the dominion of the Ascendant Church—Helligemark, Ackenzal, and the Western colonies.

Agents of the church would march town to town and construct “penitent rows,” were apostates would be flayed under the salted knives of the church’s Redeemers. The Gnostic School was expelled from Ackenzal and Helligemark, and many so-called witches and warlocks were circumfixed. Exceptions were made for the benefit of sellspells, who were allowed to continue practicing their craft as long as they sold their magical talents for military use.

When Patronus died under mysterious circumstances, the cleric to take his place immediately ended the Inquisition, though the Tuning crafts have yet to fully recover from the decade-long inquisition.


The Inquisition

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