The Glutton

1260 ASF-present

Abishi ata Abalia is a Tekne warlock who rules over the island of Beznadejny. His mastery of Tekne has greatly lengthened his lifespan, but warped his form to more resemble one of the corpses he commands. The sorcerer is now a gray, bestial and blubberous warlock who enjoys the fruits of his dead island without fear of reprisal.

In the wake of the second starfall, a retribution force was hired by Ackenzal in Tdunia to bolster the small detachment of Ackenzali army in an exhibition to Beznadejny. The mercenaries, led by scores of sorcerers, sailed to the island to destroy Thassali colonial holdings on the island. The island was mostly populated by scheznyk, who quickly retreated to Ejdaquru, and the retribution force pillaged the island quickly, sacking ancient strongholds and obliterating the meager Thassali military stationed there. Abishi ata Abalia was loved among the troops he commanded for the especially lavish feasts and parties he would hold in each taken castle or keep, as well as his ruthlessness in dealing with the locals. The Ackenzali forces left quickly after the island was rendered obsolete, but many of the mercenaries stayed, finding themselves in a position of great power and comfort in their ill-gotten island homes.


The peace accords dealt with the issue of Beznadejny by bequeathing the island back to its ancestral holders, the scheznyk of the Winter Court. However, Abishi ata Abalia, “The Glutton,” had a different notion. He seems to have unearthed some knowledge of the Tekne during his pillaging of the island, and used his newfound power to raise an army of the undead, much to the dismay of the Tdunians among him. He ordered the harvesting of whales, and reanimated their corpses to create the “Rotting Armada.” He used his undead whales to seize control of the coastline, effectively cutting off any access to the island with his potent ability to strike out at any vessel invisibly, from underneath the sea. He also discovered a way to bloat the whale carcasses with gas and Tekne magics, making putrid aerial creatures that serve as both transport and overwatch on his island.


Since the island holds no great bounty of resources, nor is it a major port, there is little interest among powerful nations to retake the land from its warlock ruler, especially with the threat of the Rotting Armada and his legions of undead. The Winter Court of Ejdaquru’s spies report that The Glutton sits on a throne in the center of the isle, consuming everything harvested in the volcanic soil— food and drink gathered, brewed, and cooked by the decomposing bodies of those The Glutton has reanimated. He is even said to hold macabre feasts and dances, enjoying frivolity with a court of rotting marionettes of his own making..


The Glutton

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