“In a better world, you could fuck and be fucked without giving up a shred of your soul’s knot. But every glistening kiss and every press of flesh is another scrap of heart you’ll never have again.”

Sonali is an estray who resides in the Spellsung Wilds, specifically within the agrarian culture of Azar‘s tribe, the Wayhryi. She is educated and well-spoken, having been intended as a companion, and a strange addition to the tribe’s simpler lifestyle. She is among the last of her kind, a breed created to fulfill the erotic fantasies of Apsara nobles, but determined too defective to have the line continued. Their poreless azure skin, while surreally smooth and soft as per design, does not vent heat or allow sweat, and they are quick to overheat, requiring intermittent access ice to prevent death. When Sonali heard that, due to this defect, all her kind would be culled, she fled into the Spellsung Wilds, where she was captured by and integrated into the Wayhryi.

A particular magebred plant in the jungle provides her constant access to chilled waters, allowing her to live and work among Azar’s people, where she is a ‘nylata,’ a kind of sacred prostitute part of the ancient traditions of the jungle. Her magebreeding makes her respond to sexual propositions automatically positively, something that the village has taken advantage of, especially the young men. Azar promotes this, as it diverts their sexual attentions to one place until a proper pairing can be prepared for them. It also frees the other women of the village from having to perform in the ritualized public sex acts that characterize many of the village’s religious festivals. Azar desires that Sonali produce a child so her line can continue and become a fixture in the tribe’s nylata tradition, but, unknown to Azar, Sonali’s design allows her to choose when she is or is not fertile, and she does not desire a child to live the life such as hers.

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