“The city of Neverfall. At first I thought it a mirage, just blush-colored light that we would sail through and on to the city. But then there was a swell in my heart, the wind pushed our ship toward Neverfall, and it was true. I could walk in that light, climb on it, feel the impossible smoothness of the stone. I wondered then, how could those that built this ever fall, and then, for a brief moment, wondered if my people were worth losing those that could build such a city.”
-from Travels of a Young Bard by Charmaine

Neverfall is an Nonman city of architectural wonders of tuning on the eastern shores of Zapandi. Like Wyvar, Neverfall has capitalized on the works of the Nonmen, using the unique nature of the city to create a impenetrable military stronghold and profitable trade hub. It is the site of a Heddleway linked to The Delve, The Talon at the Falls, and Nyumban, giving it a powerful diplomatic position and access to the only real military presence in The Spellsung Wilds.

Neverfall is defined by the impossible architecture that paints its skylines, huge buildings of rose-gray stone, with the odd, glowing symbols of the Nonmen that paint the back of the Gleam-Whales shining on their walls. The tallest of the buildings reach 1,500 feet into the sky, while others actually float over the earth, accessible only through suspension lines jury-rigged by those who settled the city after the Nonmen died. Many are connected to their upper levels by impossibly thin stretches of stonework, sometimes something only as wide as a single stairwell supporting five full stories of stonework above it.



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