BEWARE: Instances abound of an order of brigands most foul entering high windows and pilfering the drawers and chest of several merchants. Many merchants have remarked that their breechclouts have been treated with powder of a particularly hot pepper after some of the burglaries. from The Slavsmuth Proclaimer

The Magpies are criminals based in The Syndicate holdings of Pachiomadio, a group of humans and halflings who work as burglars, pickpockets, and smugglers. The organization draws much of its strength by having popular support among the disenfranchised of the region, being regarded as freedom fighters against the near tyrannical Syndicate rulership. To keep this popular support the Magpies follow certain codes of conduct. They avoid killing, never steal from those who cannot afford their property to go missing, and often help the unfortunate in times of need. They often take orphans into their ranks to raise up as future members, an act that some regard as charity and others see as self-serving evil. The true motivation is probably a combination of the two.

In Ackenzal their most profitable trade is smuggling, and before the emancipation of the slaves many Magpies made a living smuggling escaped slaves to duchies in areas without legal slavery.



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