“To burn the books of a people is to send the people to the flames. To burn all the books is to see all our worlds ended. Our foes wish for an apocalypse, nothing less. And our duty is to save the world.”
-from the Seeker Kipunya “Kip” Aldorus, in a commencement address

The Libricides are a mystery cult dedicated to the destruction of the written word, knowledge of Gnostic Magic, and especially Nonman artifacts. The foundation of the Libricides is traced back over 1,400 years and across several continents, and, though they have gone by many names, the basic premise of their beliefs has remained the same. It is unknown how they are organized or how they have survived so long, especially with the constant persecution of them at the hands of the Seekers. Some branches of the cult seem to pay homage to a Vestige referred to as [[

Notable attacks from the Libricides include the bombing of The Spires during the chaos of The Salt Wars, the destruction of Heddleway codices in Neverfall, and the theft of several irreplaceable Nonman artifacts from The Delve in a coordinated heist known as the “Pelorus Affair.”

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