“We may be poor, but we have our trees. This is good enough for most of us.”
-from Iris, a Gilder peasant

Leovigild is an island nation off the coast of Ackenzal. It is a principality of Ackenzal, having more independent governance than the duchies and greater political influence over some important matters, such as the selection of the Crown-Elect. It was once the center of power of the now-fallen Spring Court, the home of the Sunsong Keep and one of the first schools of Gnostic Magic. It island is not very resource-rich, and the land is not particularly arable. The climate, despite the northern position of the island, is very temperate due to the warm sea winds that blow over the land. Most Gilders live in the old Elvish cities, building around the old, magebred trees that were hollowed out and woven together as homes in the era of the Lady of Blossoms.


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