“We are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow.”
-from the interrogation of Marheb, a Kujeewa

The Kujeewa, also called “Flagellants”, are members of a cult of thieves and murderers active in Thassal and Zapandi whose beliefs and practices are influenced by the belief that the Wombplague allows for the Venerable to exit the cycle of rebirth and achieve a higher state of being. They refer to the Wombplague as “The Liberation,” and seek to “Liberate” as many as they can. This involves the attempted destruction of phylacteries, such as the Raid on the Nascent Keep and, most commonly, the abduction of travelers and forced kukata, before murdering those now disconnected from the cycle of rebirth.

The modus operandi of the Kujeewa is to join a caravan and become accepted as travelers themselves. The Kujeewa delay any attack until their fellow travelers have dropped the initial wariness of the newcomers and have been lulled into a false sense of security, gaining their trust. Once the travelers allows the Kujeewa to join them and disperse amongst them – a task which might sometimes, depending on the size of the target group, require accompaniment for hundreds of miles – the Kujeewa wait for a suitable place and time before abducting, killing, and robbing them. .

The killing place is usually in need to be remote from local observers and suitable to prevent escape, such as backed against a river. Kujeewa tend to develop favored places of execution, which they call “ukompanga,” or “places of release”. They know the geography of these places well—better than their victims. They need to, if they were to anticipate the likely escape routes and hiding-places of the quicker-witted and more determined of the travelers. Ukompanga that become known to travelers are often marked with the hanging of a red noose.

The preferred weapon of the Kujeewa is a braided red garrote, and the image of the garrote is used as shorthand for the Kujeewa in artistic works. One Kujeewa, a Venerable named Marheb was captured by forces of The Syndicate in Zapandi claimed to have personally performed kukata and strangled over nine hundred travelers in his time. He was later released by the Syndicate for revealing the names and routes of other kujeewa bands.


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