King of Jagged Sands

“The culling of the sickly, weak, and deformed is more humane than the insanity of you milksops that seek to save even the most wretched. Broken things breed broken things, until the whole is broken. I seek a future more fit to survive.” — The King of Jagged Sands, to a missionary of The Crone

The King of Jagged Sands, known also as “Mongrel” or the “Mongrel King,” is a fellwrought slavebred, one of the very few, who seized control of Kivetilkern in recent years and began expelling Felldmanner from his little fiefdom in The Char. He apparently adheres to some variant of the philosophy of the Willful. He leads a philosophically united group of eugenicists, calling themselves the Hale Cullers, but known just as the “horned men” or “horned raiders” by those of the Char and the outlying towns. His siezure of one of the relics of Ackenzal’s days of the High King, the ancient city of Kivetilkern, has been a rallying cry in Ganza to send Ducal forces into the Char to take back their ancestral home, a desire reinforced by the giant and felldmanner refugees pouring out from the Char when the King of Jagged Sands deems them too “impure”. It seems that Mongrel has his own notions of racial purity, and regards the power of the fellwright has a gift to his people, and wishes to create a truebreeding race of giants right in The Char. He only allows men and women with pleasing, truebreeding forms into his land, and slays or exiles everyone else. He claims to be laying the foundations of a new kingdom of superior people of mixed blood—slavebred, giant, and man, a new race that will be able to survive in the harsh environment of The Char.

The background of the King of Jagged Sands is largely unknown, but it is believed that he fought in the Feral Risings on the side of the rebels before returning to The Char to carve out his fiefdom with the aid of some of his fellow soldiers from the Fanged Heap. Some claim that he is actually the Wolf, the famed assassin who fought with the legendary Fanged Heap, while others say that he was trained by the brawny slayer of generals and fought alongside him. It is known that he took Kivetilkern with relative ease, and has held the castle for the past two years.

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King of Jagged Sands

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