Gnostic Magic

Gnostic Magic is magic that relies on a learned craft, especially the study of language, image, and symbol, to function. The first magic known to men and fae was that granted by the Walking Gods, which required little of the practitioner to access the Loom since a user could use the power of a Walking God as a shortcut. This first magic was usually fueled by the network of souls that followed a Walking God, not overtaxing the one who performed the Tuning. The other route to Tuning at this time was Anagogic Magic, a rare form of power that required that the practitioner have all seven strings be of a single color, an aberrant uniformity that allowed an anagogic sorcerer to naturally tug at the Loom.

However, after the deicide that all but eliminated the Walking Gods followed by the slaying of the Lady of Blossoms, the Elves of the Spring Court were forced to discover a new way to practice Tuning. The one to unlock a route to the Loom was Bruixa the Scholar. She developed the Gnostic School of magic, originally consuming Wisps to fuel her spells, a practice that verges on the forbidden Tekne. Since this particular magic uses metaphor and language to bridge the gap between reality and the pure plane of ideas and energy in the Loom, the magic that results often has a unique form. While an anagogic sorcerer who brings forth lightning will bring a pure flash of brilliant light and fire, a gnostic wizard will build a series of related thoughts to lightning before being able to call it into the world, resulting with lightning that strikes in the form of a serpent, or that comes into the world in the form of a thunderbolt that also brings with it the crash of the storm and smell of rain. Anagogic sorcerers deal in the manifestation of pure ideas, while gnostic sorcerers need to take the empirical world, translate it into the realm of ideas through poetry and language, and pull energy back out from the Loom with the same bridge.

Most gnostic wizards never manage to successfully perform significant acts of Tuning on their own until their mid-thirties. Attaining mastery is a long and difficult process, though now most of the most successful practitioners of Tuning are gnostic wizards, rather than anagogic sorcerers. There are some gnostic schools that teach users how to ameliorate the need for Wisps by drawing on the binds between sentient beings, a practice known as bardic magic that originates with the Littlefolk of Pachiomadio. This method, though not as powerful, does not offend the dictates of the Ascendant Church and has recently established a school in the city of Wyvar.


Gnostic Magic

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