The mercenary company known as the Gallowglass Circle was formed to quash peasant rebellions for the lords of Trailfar. They served the king during the Feral Risings, and afterwards were hired to patrol the borders of the Char. The current leader of Gallowglass is a woman with connections to The Syndicate, known as Red Asha. She employs pirates, criminals, deserters, and shamed knights in her mercenary company. Sellspells from the school of Aetun often fight by the side of Gallowglass soldiers. Soldiers often have to arm themselves, and supplement their pay by sacking villages.

They are led in battle by The Bastard, an illegitimate son of the Baron of the Vale. The Bastard fought against his father and his feral bride during the Feral Risings, and, though paternity was never recognized in the first place, The Bastard has additionally been publicly denounced by his father. Those that fight with The Bastard in the vanguard are known as the “Bastard’s Bastards,” and are particularly feared among the peasantry.

Most recently, the Gallowglass Circle was denied backpay by the Duke of Trailfar for their services during the Feral Risings, because, as the Duke said, “You fought on the wrong side.” Moreover, the payment meant to be paid out to the families of soldiers who died in the rebellion was similarly denied. The Bastard and Red Asha have marched on the Vale in force, and The Bastard now claims the Vale as his own by right of blood and conquest.



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